Pokemon GO: Which Pokemon To Prioritize During The Event

Pokemon Go Adventure Week Event

The type-specific events bring collectors back and PvPers are just love taking advantage of catching Pokemon for gym battles. However, which rock type Pokemon should you worry about more than others?

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For gym battling, be on the lookout for Larvitar’s for sure. You will want to try to get enough candies to evolve a Tyranitar that has Bite and Stone Edge. Rhyhorns aren’t very common, but common enough to look for a 100% IV rated one. You will want to try and get a Rhydon that has stone edge.

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The quick attack doesn’t matter too much because they are all good! Geodude is all over so getting a 100% IV rated Geodude shouldn’t be to hard, just the matter of getting a lucky catch. The main move you want to worry about for Golem is Stone edge. Just like Rhydon, any quick move will do!

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