The Real Reason Naruto’s Haku Looked Like A Girl


You all probably remember Haku from the very first arc of Naruto. Haku was a rogue Ninja from Kirigakure, who had paired with Zabuza Momochi. They faced our Team 7 at the bridge Tazuna was constructing. Haku was a genius of the Yuki Clan. If you must know, the Yuki Clan is a now extinct clan, that was famous for its usage of the Ice Release Kekkei Genkai. This Kekkei Genkai was so feared, that they were all eliminated.
The very first arc of Naruto was interesting and all, with some interesting villains.

I’m talking about Haku and Zabuza here. Both were extremely powerful, and for me, they were pretty unlucky to be killed off so quickly. One of the questions that has been on every Naruto fans minds was about Haku.
Haku was a boy, who looked like a girl, and I’m sure all of you were surprised at that. But, the question is , why exactly did Kishimoto make Haku look like a girl? Was it for humor?

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