Pokemon Go Starts Pushing Notifications to Get People Playing Again!


Pokemon Go Starts Pushing Notifications to Get People Playing Again!

With tons of trainers quitting the game early on due to feature failures and Pokemon being impossible to catch, Niantic have worked on their early release mistakes and want new players to know this. Tons of trainers were hype about the release yet seemed to only play for a month or so before quitting and moving onto other trends. Though we’re pretty sure Push Notifications will get their attention!

I think this is probably not the best time to release a mass notification to your player base as Niantic should have released a bunch of new major features or Legendary Pokemon and then released a push notification to get these players attention. The notification seemed to be placed alongside a sweet event message though as other trainers are obviously ready for the rock-type event. Other trainers already use push notifications for nearby Pokemon, though tons of other trainers do not use this. If you have your notifications on then you obviously received a message from them!

“Congrats Trainer,” the notification reads. “You’re more than halfway to Level [X]. Join millions of Pokemon Go trainers leveling up this week.”

Do you think Niantic should have waited for a better event or major feature release before sending out some push notifications? Let us know in the comment section below and have a wonderful day!

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