7 Frequently asked Pokémon Go questions, answered!


7 Frequently asked Pokémon Go questions, answered!


7. Is trading in Pokemon GO, if not when will it come and how will it work?

Short answer, No. Trading is not yet in Pokemon GO, though it has been a highly discussed topic by both Niantic, and the Pokemon GO community since release. We expect trading ti be here before the end of the year as mentioned by some Niantic devs, though we’re unsure how late they’ll be this time when delivering the feature. Trading will only be an option within your own proximity.

6. When will Legendary Pokemon be released?

This is a very tough question to answer as Niantic are working on global events, and also releasing community gatherings similar to their Ingress gatherings. These gatherings could be the way Legendary Pokemon will be released, and possibly the only way to obtain. With two generations of Pokemon already in the game and no legendaries for either generation. I’d say Niantic are waiting to complete their list of features to be added before releasing these Pokemon.

5. Are Starter Pokemon Useful?

Not really, as they are severely under powered and will take a ton of candy to catch up. Though the struggle of making these starter Pokemon useful, you’ll end up finding the same starter Pokemon somewhere, with a higher cp and a better move set.

4. Should I buy Poke Coins or items?

Depends, if you live in a rural area then you obviously need the extra Poke Balls. If you live in an area filled with Stops and Gyms, then i’d skip on buying items.


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