More Details About Upcoming Boruto Episodes Revealed!


Hey everyone! The Boruto anime started a lot different from the Boruto Manga. We began at the Academy, unlike in the manga, where we started when Boruto became a Genin. The content going on may be called Non-Canon by some, but it is supervised by Masashi Kishimoto himself. So, you can all decide for yourself. We had information about upcoming Boruto Episodes.
The info said:
Boruto Episode 8 – “Message of the Dream”
Boruto dreams of someone giving him his Dōjutsu.
Boruto Episode 9 – “My Own Proof”

Boruto tries to activate his Dōjutsu.
Well recently, we got a little more detail about what’s going to happen in the episodes and we are so damn hyped!

According to Sources, Boruto Episode 8 will show someone giving Boruto his Dōjutsu. Boruto will get emotional, because he thinks it’s a Byakugan, which it definitely is not.
But that’s not the good part.

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