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Elite Ten

Who are the Elite Ten? In the anime only 3 of them were showed so far, Nakiri Erina (10th seat), Eizan Etsuya (9th seat) and Isshiki Satoshi (7th seat). As you know, the Elite Ten are the ten best students in the academy and their organization has many responsibilities such as helping organizing events.

Note: There’s a mistake in the title as this is the first preview for OVA 4

Shokugeki no Soma || Elite Ten members:
Elite Ten Council Members (without Erina)

They are also given a large budget by Tōtsuki Culinary Academy for them to utilize in any conceivable reason as long as the purchases are related to cooking and food research. Their authority in the academy is second only to the director. That being said, even the lecturers have less authority than they do and must obey anything they say. With that being said, let’s see who are the Elite Ten during Autumn Leaf Viewing Event:

10th seat: Nakiri Erina (1st year)

Erina has no particular cooking or cuisine specialty. Instead her cooking is based upon using high quality ingredients and incredible creativity. Despite being no more than a mere high school girl, Erina’s skill level is already on par with most professional chefs.

God’s Tongue is Erina’s special ability that allows her to taste any food with extreme accuracy. Her taste buds are so sensitive, she can perform numerous unthinkable feats that most gourmet experts cannot do without years of training, let alone at all. Thanks to this ability, Erina has been a culinary prodigy since she was no more than 4 years old.

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