The Average Pokemon Go Players Are Happy People, New Research Says


The Average Pokemon Go Players Are Happy People, New Research Says

With Pokemon Go making it’s debut last year in July, leaving it’s peak after a few months of game play and feature releases, this gives players enough time to analyze the behavior of Pokemon and players alike. There have been tons of studies on the game including college courses being added just for this game alone encouraging college students to exercise while playing the game which isn’t surprising considering the college course for the behavior and lifestyle of Kanye West being added this year.

Now, a new study from the University of Wisconsin–Madison says that playing Pokemon Go could actually make you happier. This find could make those who uninstall regret their decision, though we’re sure some players are not all sad boys(yung lean reference)

The study, which has been published in the journal Media Psychology, found that people who play the game are likely to be more positive, friendly and physically active. Which is expected as tons of mess ups in features could have caused players to be unhappy and uninstall as others stuck with the game and continued to play regardless of mess ups.

Researchers surveyed 400 people three weeks after the game was launched. Participants were asked questions relating to their emotional and social wellbeing, as well as their levels of physical activity allowing this research to be recorded and studied within 3 categories. Alex James Bonus, a UW-Madison graduate and study participant said public perceptions of the impact of Pokemon Go were often incorrect saying “There was plenty of negative press about distracted people trespassing and running into trees or walking into the street,” Bonus said. “But you also saw people really enjoying it, having a good time together outside.

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Resource: The Huffington Post

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