Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review- “The Astonishing Fit Buu”


In Dragon Ball Super Episode 85, in the process of recruiting fighters of the Tournament, Goku sparred with Majin Buu, but the real shocking stuff is that Buu is now skinny or we should rather say Fit and Muscular.



Remember that Girl from DBZ who said, Buu wasn’t sexy?  Take that back bit*h!

So, basically Buu got the upper hand of this mini fight, and in battle royal standards won it. Many fans are pissed off that Goku couldn’t handle Buu, but what we have to understand is Goku was totally relaxed, in a matter of fact; he looked more serious when he fought Krillin. As Buu is an auto-choice, he wasn’t there to test Buu, yet he found out that Buu has improved significantly, so he didn’t feel the need to go serious with him.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review- "The Astonishing Fit Buu"
Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review- “The Astonishing Fit Buu”

Regarding Buu’s power or strength, he undeniably has more potential than Goku or Vegeta. The only reason he isn’t more powerful than them is because he doesn’t train as hard, just like Frieza would undoubtedly be way superior than any Saiyan ever if he trained like Goku or Vegeta. About his body, we don’t know what they are trying to do, but since in the opening as well as in the latest ending, Majin Buu is still fat, I’m gonna with that. If that’s the case, it would mean that Buu’s body is very reactive, we never saw him train before. So when he got pumped up and trained, his body started reacting, lost fat, gained muscle and also significantly powered up, but when he rests or eats too much I guess he will gain all that weight back with the same speed.
However, that apart the most interesting part of this Episode was the segment with the Pride Troopers. It was refreshing, and the Pride Troopers team is like a Justice League/ Avengers of the Dragon Ball Universe. They look very professional and organized, that Bar scene with Toppo and General helps us to understand how they feel about this Tournament. In essence they are good people from the heart, and most likely by the end of all this they’ll shake hands with Goku, when clouds of misunderstanding go away.

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review- “The Astonishing Fit Buu”

We witness a very classic Super Hero vs Monster action, as Pride Troopers successfully saves the day. We finally have a name for that guy we have been terming as the Beerus look alike. He is Dyspo, and he is the Flash of Pride Troopers. Speed is his specialty. That is symbolized by his Rabbit resembling design. We are yet to find out, if he is in any ways related to Beerus or Champa. Even though there are slight differences, like Dyspo doesn’t have a tail. They could still be from the same race, as a single Race can exists in different Universes and might have slight variation. Like, U6 Saiyans naturally have evolved passed growing tails or it could also be that the race of Beerus and Champa has gone through many folds of evolution because for being Gods, Champa and Beerus are millions of years old. Anyways we will find out more about that later.

 : Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review- "The Astonishing Fit Buu"
Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review- “The Astonishing Fit Buu”

Universe 7 had one upper hand over other Universes, that is team work because all our fighters are from a single planet, but Universe 11 is a threat to that, because obviously the Pride Troopers is an organized team. We even see Dyspo and General using Team Co-ordination attacks, meaning they expertise in battling together which going to be a huge advantage in Battle Royal.
Jiren the strongest fighter of U11, the guy who will take on Goku in the Tournament, is being hyped up. We see him meditating much like Piccolo in this Episode. This also hints that he is also a very intelligent combatant, and again back to the Justice League perspective you could say he is The Superman of The Pride Troopers. So we already have Cyborg, Flash and Superman here, huh interesting.

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review- “The Astonishing Fit Buu”

I wonder who else will fight for U11, another talked about character is The Female Broly, and there’s confusion regarding where she is from. It’s either going to be U6 or 11. However, if she is in fact from U11 then, I have to say U11 has a beast team, maybe an unstoppable one.

The Episode ends as we get a glimpse of Android 17, as Goku will recruit him in the next Episode.

Well, what do you think about all this?

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