Re-entering a gym battle after app crashes continues the original battle


Re-entering a gym battle after app crashes continues the original battle

There seems to be a new glitch occurring after the game crashes during gym fights, the laggy gym battles and the game crashing has been going on since the start of the game even though it’s been fixed multiple times. The gym crashing seems to have made it’s way into the game again during the last few updates, which even during the Christmas and New Years event trainers had had the game crash consistently throughout the event without a fix.

I’ve placed images of this glitch from trainer AquaDigger who experienced it first hand and took pictures for everyone to see. If you would like to read his original reddit topic, you can do so here.

Re-entering a gym battle after app crashes continues battle.


This glitch could actually be beneficial if Niantic learned how to work with it and maybe turn it into a quick fix feature for when the game crashes during gym battles, allowing a trainer to continue his progress without any issues other than crashing. Creating a feature like this is possible as many other games have similar quick fix features like this.

We obviously know the game has been crashing as mentioned above, so we’re going to ask the entire community to write a bug report if you have the time. The bug report is on Niantics official website which you can google, though I’m going to link it below. All you have to do is fill out their form and submit it and we’ll get the fix quicker.


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