Pokemon Go Pop Quiz!


You might be a master of battles, or a master in collection. But do you think you know the trivia of Pokemon knowledge? Sit down, take a test and see how much you will get!

I. Multiple Choice Section: In this section only one answer is correct.

1.Which of the following Pokemon loses weight after evolution?

A. Metapod B. Haunter C. Kadabra D. Eevee

2.Which of the following Pokemon has only one type?

A. Golduck B. Jigglypuff C. Oddish D. Lapras

3.Which of the following swirl belong to Poliwag?

A.     B.

4.Which of the following Pokemon takes least damage from Earthquake?

A. Beedrill B. Venomoth C. Magneton D. Gyarados

5.Which of the following Pokemon is NOT Fairy type?

A. Clefable B. Jigglypuff C. Mr. Mime D. Chansey

6.Identify the Pokemon that has NOT ONLY Water type .

A. Golduck B. Shellder C. Starmie D. Seel

7.What type does this background image refer to?

A. Grass B. Bug C. Poison D. Normal

8.Identify the Pokemon that has LEAST common with the other three:

A. Starmie B. Tentacruel C. Seadra D. Golduck

9.When a Ditto with 319 CP encounters a Dragonite with CP 2904, what will the Ditto possibly become?

A. A Dragonite with CP 1962    B. A Dragonite with CP 2904

10.What’s the color of Porygon’s bottom?

A. Blue B. Red C. White D. Black

II Integrated

1.Jason has a Squirtle and want to evolve it into Blastoise by making it his buddy and collecting candies. He currently has 54 Squirtle candies. Suppose he cannot collect candies other than walking, at least how many kilometers would Jason have to walk?

2.Lynda has one 10km, four 5km and two 2km eggs. She has one incubator with unlimited usage, 2 incubators with two more times and 1 incubator with one more time. What’s the most economic way to hatch her eggs?

3.Name one Pokemon in Gen I that is pure Grass type.

4.Name one Pokemon in Gen I that is pure Flying type.


Finally you have finished! Let’s check the answers!





1~5 CAADD 6~10 CBCAB


  1. 210km
  2. Use the one-time incubator to hatch 10km egg, two-time to hatch 5km and infinite-use to hatch 2km. In this way all eggs can be hatched within 10km of walk.
  3. Tangela.
  4. There’s no pure Flying type Pokemon in Gen I.


How much did you get? Share your results in the comment!



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