Which Pokemon GO event did you like more?

Good News! Santachu Retains His Hat When Evolving After The Event

Which Pokemon GO event did you like more?


Since the start of the game, Pokemon go has received some great features, and some not so great features that later got removed do to them being so buggy. Features like the 3 step glitch would place many complaints to Niantic which opened opportunity for them to actually read feedback from the fans. Holiday events happened to be one of these suggestions as Niantic currently does not do events for Ingress, so this is obviously a new feature for them.

The Pokemon GO World has received 5 events in total so far, that being the Halloween event, The Christmas event, The New Years event, a small Thanksgiving event and Japan’s Lapras event. All of which had their moments and benefits individually which is why I’m asking the community this question in the title. Which Pokemon GO event did you like more? Is probably one of the more concerning questions for Niantic now when it comes to future events.

Niantic does pay attention to social media outlets as it gives them great opportunity to capitalize on feedback without making an appearance, which is why they favor reddit and the community fan pages so much.

We’d like for you to give us your thoughts in the comment section which if any Niantic representative ends up reading this will get to read the comments, I will later make a live poll on our page and let you know which event the community enjoyed more. You can also tweet me your favorite events at my twitter @UchihaKoji.

That’s all for now, have a wonderful day!

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