What are the chances of catching or hatching a Snorlax?


What are the chances of catching or hatching a Snorlax?

So far Snorlax can be caught and hatched from eggs as of now until Munchlax is later added into the game which will remove Snorlax from the egg hatching list and allow trainers to collect Munchlax candy for one. Other than this later alternative, Snorlax has been known to spawn more frequently in residential areas, to be more specifically at night. 

These spawns could literally be completely random as I’ve seen images of a Snorlax spawning coastal or even in some areas of rural spots. Snorlax spawns also happen to pop up around to populated areas. Based upon data mined information, there are percentages for Snorlaxes flee rate, as’well his spawn rate which happens to be at 0.016%.

Spawn Rate 0.016%
Capture Rate 16%
Flee Rate 9%

I’ve noticed on various websites and other analysis on Snorlax, that when he actually does happen to spawn you have a high probability of finding a second one during the first hour of catching it, the next Snorlax should appear at walking distance during this time. This has been known for a bit however a’lot of trainers don’t know that this takes place after catching their first Snorlax and totally miss out on a second one.

So what are your chances of actually finding a Snorlax? Slim, but not impossible. 

If you have more information on Snorlax, be sure to tweet me on twitter at @uchihakoji so we can continue to update information on this lovely Pokemon. That’s all for now, have a wonderful day!

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