Chansey spawns might have been tracked down!


Chansey spawns might have been tracked down!


Wanting to track down Chansey for your empty Pokedex spot? We might able to help!

It was originally reported that Chansey would spawn near Snorlax, which at one point this was true and as spawns changed and nest migrations made their way around the game the biome of Chansey seems to have been lost.

As of now Snorlax and Chansey no longer share similar spawn patterns, how we know this is due to the massive response to this issue on reddit. Chansey now seems to spawn near a group of Pokemon who all share the same biome, so if you’re looking for any of these Pokemon you may run into Chansey as’well.

I’ve Listed the Pokemon who share similar biome to Chansey below for you, I will be sure to update this list as our community responds to this article in the comment section. The reddit community has been on top of this research as they’ve noticed these mixed Pokemon spawns and compiled a list. If you would like to read that reddit article you can do so by clicking here.

Pokemon who spawn around Chansey:







Rhyhorn (questionable)

As I’ve mentioned above, without the response from the community there will be no way to confirm these spawns. If you’ve caught a Chansey recently and have caught any Pokemon or seen any from this list above then please leave a comment or tweet me at @UchihaKoji so I can continue to track this Pokemons spawn.

That’s all for today, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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