Pokemon Go : Great Ball VS Poke Ball Capture – Rate Comparison.

Pokemon Go : Great Ball VS Poke Ball Capture - Rate Comparison.

Hey there everyone! Salim here and I’m back again today to discuss a community poll with all of your experiences using Poke balls and Great balls in Pokémon GO.

I left ultra balls out of this comparison because an Ultra Ball in the game feels exactly how an Ultra should be. However the other two are questionable and that is why we are having this comparison for you all.

To participate, simply leave a comment below as to whether or not you agree with the article or not and tell us why if you want to as well!

Anyways, lets get started with the article!

So to begin with, lets begin with Poke balls. My experience with Poke balls so far (and I’ve been playing the game since release day) is that it feels much much weaker than what a poke ball originally is supposed to feel like compared to in other Pokémon games.

Of course this is expected seeing as it is a different engine and what not. However I wasn’t expecting it to be this unreliable. It can take anywhere from 1-8 poke balls, and if its a Pokémon with a red ring, you might as well not even use it if that’s all you have left.

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