Gaara Shikamaru; Looking at sub fillers, Shippuden 482


Since after the Final battle’s episode Shippuuden has embarked on a sub fillers episodes based mostly on characters match makings. But the main focus was on each individual character when they where still young. I know some of you might find these episodes kind of Boring but I assure you to brace for some interesting episodes soon. Which is what they usually do before catching us by surprise afterwards. It is also clear that soon Konoha hidden will follow. But I will bring yo more news on that, for now let us focus on this weeks episode.

Just like the other previous episodes this one also focuses separately on the boyhood of the two characters. Gaara and Shikamaru, but as we already witnessed such from fillers, they introduced slightly different storyline. We all know how sad Gaara’s life was as a young child and not much did surprise us from tis episode. Except displaying Gaara’s mastery of sand manipulation and how brilliant his defenses are.

So basically it began from the moment Gaara was born and how people come to resent him. From his father preventing Temari and Kankuro from playing with him. Its a good thing that they where still good friends when they grew up despite  how Gaara was treated. Well let us look at Shikamaru’s part on the next page!

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