Dragon Ball Super- The Supreme God Zamasu, The Omni King and Mafuba- Theories


Future Trunks- Goku Black arc is about to reach its ultimate climax. In Dragon Ball Super Episode 64, Future Trunks attempted to seal down Zamasu using the Evil Containment Wave otherwise known as the Mafuba, but all the effort went into vain as they didn’t have the seal.



But this worked as a wakeup call for Zamasu and Black. They realized just how dangerous the mortals can get, and decided to not play around anymore. Using the Potara they fused or merged and became a ‘ Supreme God’ . They are probably simply going to call this merged form ‘ Zamasu ‘ or ‘ The Supreme God Zamasu ‘. Even though I thought ‘ Devil God ‘ or ‘ Demonic God ‘ would better suit what they really have become. Till Episode 64, we don’t have much information about this fused Zamasu. As we are yet to see them in action, but they are going to be immensely strong , and might even rival the power of The God of Destruction Beerus. Given the fact that, if Goku and Vegeta fused they would be at least as strong as Beerus if not stronger; based on the power difference Akira Toriyama stated a long time ago even before the Universal Tournament. Obviously Fused Zamasu and Vegito would be almost on the same level of power. So, that is one way to measure them. So, this Supreme God form of Zamasu does have a very elegant and powerful looking design in relation to the Dragon Ball Universe.

Fused Zamasu do resemble something we see in highly powerful characters. In Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 trailer, we see there’s a ring like formation behind and above his head.  Such Circular or ring like shape supposedly resembles power in DBU. We see Whis has something like that around his neck, and then the 2nd most powerful character introduced till now ‘ The Grand Priest ‘ has one too! Interestingly enough Fused Zamasu and and The Grand Priest has that ring like thingy on the same position. I am just pointing out similarity in terms of look, but what Fused Zamasu is using could just be a simple attack that is similar to it.

However, there was one major question in the fandom that is- ‘ Would fused Zamasu be immortal or not? ‘

From Episode 64, we found out that Fused Zamasu is in fact immortal. It was pretty obvious and I also predicted it earlier. Some fans thought that they would become mortal. This honestly didn’t make too much sense and the theory felt like it was asking for an easy escape from a complex situation. The fusion combines the powers not weakness. So, I just don’t get how someone could think they would become mortal. Obviously in that sector Zamasu’s immortality was the better side and it remained so in the fusion.


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