Someone Hacked Missingno into modern game!


Someone Hacked Missingno into modern game!


Trainers love Missingno so much, they’ll go through extreme measures to see it in a modern game.


In the first generation of Pokemon GBA games, Missing no was Unlike most glitch Pokémon, whose names consist of data cobbled together from random locations, Missingno.’s name is clearly a deliberately-added abbreviation of “missing number”. This is because “Missingno.” was added as a name for the empty slots to avoid the game crashing if a glitch Pokémon was to be encountered.

A player named  VGMoose worked hard to add missingno. to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Tools used to hack them into the game were listed by VGMoose on a video he created to share missingno.

Tools used:
– Ohana 3ds
– Sketchup
– Meshlab
– Pk3DS
– PkHeX


In an interview with Kotaku, VGMoose said, “I also think the name ‘Missingno.’ was a big part of why it was so cool and why it still interests people today,” VGMoose said. “Everyone knew that there were 151 Pokémon, so the existence of this thing called ‘missing number’ made it seem like it was meant to be found—like it HAD to mean something. The programmer at Game Freak who gave the glitch a name ended up capturing a lot of peoples’ imaginations.”

While also mentioning “It was kind of a trial-and-error learning experience,” VGMoose said. “I had to do a lot of research about 3D modeling to make the model, then apply the texture so it looked right in the game. It’s still not perfect, but a little glitchiness is forgivable when it comes to Missingno.”

I’m glad there are some die hard fans that love to see Pokemon fans happy, even for something that Gamefreak forgot about in their recent games. It seems the entire gaming community has lost touch with the hidden level, hidden items sort of thing and would rather give them out as DLC packs instead of surprising fans with amazing features.

VGMoose also made the interaction similar to the original games forcing players to do a sequence in order to spawn the Pokemon. I’ve listed the sequence he used for his Missingno hack in 5 steps.

1. Talk to Trendy kid on Dewford Island
2. Say yes twice, then no
3. Show him a rare candy
4. Choose “glitches”, this option appears with unknown odds
5. Surf up and down the coast of Dewford

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