Pokemon Go Tracker And Why The Game Might Never Have One

Nearby Pokemon Tracker
Nearby Pokemon Tracker

Pokemon Go Tracker And Why The Game Might Never Have One

I have no right to speak in behalf of angry fans or Niantic, but you should know the reason Why we might never have a tracker of our own in Pokemon GO!

Written By GrouperSandwich

” Lots of people are obviously pissed about Niantic’s removal of the tracker and its actions to thwart third-party trackers. I am not here to defend the company, and I have no internal knowledge whatsoever about why it made and is making those decisions, but as a lawyer, one thing stood out to me – liability.

There has been some news coverage about lawsuits against Niantic, but I wanted to take a deeper look. So, I pulled up PACER and ran a national search for parties named Niantic.

The first thing I learned is that a surprising number of companies have the word Niantic in their names. But more importantly, our Niantic was sued over the last few months in three cases in California federal court. PACER only searches federal court dockets, so there could be additional lawsuits pending in state courts, which I have not attempted to verify.

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In late September, those three cases were consolidated into In re Pokemon Go Nuisance Litigation, Case No. 3:16-cv-04300-JD (N.D. Cal.), which is a class action.

The case is in its early stages so the class has not yet been certified. The plaintiffs allege claims for nuisance and unjust enrichment. The complaint seeks unspecified monetary damages, an injunction against “continuing the wrongful acts and practices alleged”, and attorneys’ fees.

Here are some samples of the allegations with the original emphasis:

  • “However, within days of the game’s release, it became clear that a number of the GPS coordinates that Defendants had designated as Pokéstops and Pokémon gyms were, in fact, on or directly adjacent to private property, and that Defendants had placed these Pokéstops and Pokémon gyms without the consent of the properties’ owners.

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