Pokémon Go Inspires Teachers In Brazil

Turns out that during Brazils winter break kids went wild for Pokémon Go and it inspired their teachers to use it for learning


Turns out that during Brazils winter break, kids went wild for Pokémon Go and returned to school after their holidays talking about nothing other than the app they fell in love with.

According to edutopia.org an unnamed school in Brazil used Pokémon Go as inspiration for an idea to help their students learn.

According to the article the teachers at the school were completely out of the loop in the sense that they had no idea what exactly Pokémon Go was or even how it worked.

school children prohibited playing pokemon go HuJ

Although, after one of the schools students mentioned to their teacher that they were able to find Pokémon near historic monuments such as the statue of Albert Einstein, they knew that this had the potential to be turned into a learning experience.

After that student explained that game to their teachers, what they then did was decide to create their own version of the game. Using Pokémon Go’s virtual reality the teachers wanted to make a adhesive paper version.

The Brazilian school then decided to draw mutants on paper and hid them in various places around the school.


But how did they then make this educational? Well the schools teachers connected the mutant drawing to several art concepts which the students learn during art class, such as appropriation, occupation of physical space; art on, off or outside the walls; and nature of ephemeral art.

According to the article by Natalie Catlett, students of all ages participated in the search for these mutants and therefore increased the amount of students learning as well as participating in school events.


According to Catlett, weeks have gone by since they introduced the game into the school and Mutant Go is still working.

Not only did this Pokémon Go inspired initiative teach the art students more about observation and the art elements more than first expected, but it also sharpened their communication skills and motivated students to collaborate with each other.

As a result Pokémon Go inspired these teachers to help their students learn and all at the same time have fun, which is also very important.

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