Did Naruto and Sasuke lose their Sage of Six Paths Chakra?

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Hey there everyone! Today I’m going to be discussing a theory many of people have been talking about ever since the Naruto manga ended. Now, this topic is still unclear and what I’m about to state is my OWN PERSONAL OPINION derived from facts within the Naruto series after Shippuden. So lets get started!

The main question, “Did Naruto and Sasuke lose their Sage of Six Paths Chakra?” My answer is YES and let you know why that is.

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I say this because first of all, the Sage of Six Paths himself, Hagoromo, gave Naruto and Sasuke his chakra in order to defeat Kaguya. Just like with any other chakra, once it has been used its depleted. If it is your own chakra, then of course your body will replenish it, however that wasn’t the case with Naruto and Sasuke.

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