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Continuing on with the Saki Series, this article will be about Kiyosumi Mahjong Club’s Someya Mako. If there are any mahjong jargon you don’t undersatand, you can find the definitions at the glossary on the last page.
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If you don’t know what the anime Saki is about, it is a 25 episode long anime that describes the journey of the protagonist – Miyanaga Saki through her first ever Mahjong tournament. She used to dislike Mahjong however after meeting many people, she realises her talent in Mahjong and leads her school team, Kiyosumi High School Mahjong Club (which includes Mako), to victory in the Prefecture Qualifiers for the National Tournament. The first season of Saki introduces the main characters of the top four mahjong teams in ‘Nagano’ which is the prefecture Saki lives in and the following seasons describe Kiyosumi Mahjong Club in the national tournament until the semi finals as well as other teams. The anime belongs to the Shoujo, School, Game, Ecchi, Slice of Life and Shoujo-ai genres.

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Mako was the second person to join the Kiyosumi Mahjong Club, after president Takei Hisa. We first see her when Saki goes to the Mahjong Club to play mahjong however she didn’t seem very good compared to the others. Mako isn’t a really popular character in Saki but without her, there wouldn’t be the Kiyosumi Mahjong Club. We see Hisa tell Mako that it was ‘because of her’ that Hisa was able to continue the Mahjong Club and not give up. Mako joined a year after Hisa recreated the Mahjong Club and has been a loyal supporter of Hisa since and often gives Hisa advice. She always knows what Hisa’s thinking about and helps the other members of the club to improve themselves. She works at her family owned café which used to be a mahjong parlour (where she learned how to play mahjong).

mako got a good handMako typically doesn’t perform as well as the others in the tournaments, adding on around 16000 points in the first round of the qualifiers but losing a significant amount of points in the finals of the prefecture qualifiers but does improve for the national tournament.
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