Naruto Shippuden 479: Infinite Tsukuyomi Released

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Yo Guys, I am here with a review of Naruto Shippuden 479 that was the last of this timeline. Only one last chapter is yet to be animated and that would be after some fillers.

Title: Naruto Uzumaki!

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Episode was overall the conclusion of Naruto(anime). It started with Sasuke and Naruto were lying there constantly losing blood from what was left of their arms. Sakura and Kakashi find them and Sakura aids both of them and soon afterwards release the Infinite Tsukuyomi with rock sign.

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Many characters from all the villages are shown being released from the infinite dream. Sasuke also frees the tailed beasts and as expected they understand the situation and let Sasuke slide. Sasuke had finally realized what he was thinking to be was wrong. He is finally back to the village. Afterwards Sasuke has his eyes sealed and all the limbs restricted and put into a cell. Well, It should be natural to restrict him as per his intentions to take over the world.

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