15 Anime Siblings Which Are Quite More Than Awesome

Sasuke itachi anime siblings

What is up everyone! Hope you are having an Awesome day.

Having siblings is a wonderful aspect of life. Doesn’t matter if your sibling is younger , elder or even your twin, they are like best-friends from same mothers.I know sometimes they are trouble some, and you fight a lot with them, but those who have close relationship with their siblings, know exactly what i am talking about.

So, here are 15 Sibling which are quite awesome.

P.S. – Not a ranked list

( I didn’t include new gen-Sibling duo because we haven’t really seen much of them)

1) Ayeka and Sasami Jurai ( Tenchi Muyo)

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2) Ayame and Yuki Sohma ( Fruits Basket )

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3) Speed Racer & Racer X ( Speed Racer )


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