List Of All Kekkei Mora Jutsus In Naruto

Kaguyas Sea of Acid Realm e

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First of all , check out our Kekkei Mora explanation here – >> “ Kekkei Mora“.

In short, Kekkei Mora are jutsus exclusive to Kaguya or her clan descendants , The otsutsuki clan.

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1)  Byakugan

Only Kaguya and Hamura’s Byakugan is termed as Kekkei Mora. All the other byakugan are called Kekkei Genkai. The abilities are same as any other byakugan but on whole new level. During a filler, when Kaguya just activated her Byakugan, it created shock waves. So, we can conclude that the byakugan has same abilities but with more power.


2) Amenominaka

With her third eye, Kaguya teleports everyone within a certain range to one of her dimensionsOnce a person is sent to another dimension, their chakra cannot be sensed from the normal world through traditional means.As it occurs instantly, enemies can be caught completely off guard.


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