Yet another potential feature for Pokemon GO

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We can be a demanding fanbase, since Pokemon GO is pretty much what we wanted since we started journeying with Blue/Red/Ash/whichever trainer. However, before we witness feature creep in Pokemon GO on a massive scale, here’s a bullet point list of features already in the latest version (0.41.2):

– catching and evolving Pokemon
– egg hatching
– holding gyms and attacking rival gyms
– buddy Pokemon
– appraisal system
– medals actually ~doing something~

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This feature is potentially already in the game (meaning not explicitly confirmed but apparent to many trainers):
– spawn condition modifiers due to weather and time of day

And here are the features Niantic has explicitly confirmed will be in the game but aren’t released yet:
– Gen II Pokemon
– interaction between trainers (PVP, trading)
– improved sightings
– Pokecenters

What about adding Pokemon breeding to the mix of features? Select a pair of male and female Pokemon from the same species for breeding, and you’d have a chance of getting eggs from that species with stats derived from their parents. This breeding system would fit decently into the current egg setup, while also potentially allowing Niantic to add a feature where trainers can spend Pokecoins to expand their egg storage space.


What do you think about this suggestion? Leave a comment if you think you know how!

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