Medal System Feature

pokemon go unlock medals

Niantic has just announced a new upcoming feature for Pokemon Go. The feature will improve the current medal system that a trainer is awarded when catching a certain type of Pokemon. The full list of the future update is found below:

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The new medal system will reward players by providing a higher catcher rate for Pokemon of a specific type. So the more of a certain type of Pokemon you catch the easier it will be to catch Pokemon of the same type later on. The picture provided by Niantic suggests that for each level your medal is currently at you will get a +1 catch bonus.

Niantic has not announced when to expect the new update. Many trainers are still demanding an improved internal poke tracker but Niantic has yet to delivered. Let us know your opinions. Do you like how Niantic is working on other game improvements? Or do you want Niantic to deliver a poke tracker?

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