PokemonGO: Niantic CEO reaffirms a key PVP detail!

Pokemon Go PVP battle

Recently, Niantic’s CEO John Hanke discussed various topics about Pokemon Go with Recode; you can read more about the entire conversation, and the transcript, here.

Many have been discussing the possibility of player-versus-player for awhile now. Among the theories exist many articles asserting PVP is right around the corner; in fact, it is not even in development yet.

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During the recent exchange, John Hanke explains trading is right around the corner, but PVP is a concept that is still in the talks. Yes, you read that correctly: It has not been implemented into the game, but most likely will be. When? Very, very far from now. Below is the exchange:

IF: What about things like trading or battling your friends directly, are those things we’re likely to see, or [are they] really [not] part of the spirit of what you have in mind?

No, those are great social activities, and we’ve said in the past that trading is coming, and player-versus-player battling is something that we talk a lot about internally, and I think it very much is within the spirit of Pokémon Go. So it’s possible you’ll see that as well.

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