How not to run out of Pokeballs


Yeah, we run out of pokeballs when we are in hunting mode, this guide will help you figure out how to minimize this problem and be able to play enough to get what you are looking for

Set your Strategy

First of all you have to know what you want to do, do you want to hunt or you want to PVP gyms? This question is basic for you to know what to do with your storage, that unfortunately, is not infinite.

If you plan to go hunting, then you will have to get rid of everything that is not used to hunt, this will sound odd but you have to trash almost everything and keep only a few berries meaning that revives, pots must go…

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Grind your Items

Once your strategy is up you have to start grinding pokestops. You will get tons of things that you dont want, you just simply trash them and you keep all your hunting items.

It is important that you dont store lots of berries. If you dont have your storage upgraded at all i will recommend you to keep only 10 berries.

You will get mostly regular pokeballs in this process which you MUST use to catch pokemons on your way, it is not productive to trash regular pokeballs when you can take advantage of those to grind experience, everytime you use one regular ball, in the next pokestop you have a chance to get Great balls or Ultra balls.

Remember that the 10th pokestop in less than 30 minutes you get will give you double pokeball reward if you are lucky you will get tons of Ultra in that process, walk always pay off.

pokeball collection  in tota by yuah

Ready for Hunting

You are ready to hunt for a lot of time when your inventory is three quarters pokeballs and one quarter berries. This will give you great advantage since you can start switching between balls depending on what is appearing in your high spawn rate zone. If you were able to get more Great Balls than normal then you will have great success rate when hunting.

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