Lapras Spawning Patterns! Check how close Lapras could be to you!

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Lapras Spawning Patterns! 

Players have been noticing Lapras spawning patterns since the release of Pokemon GO.

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TheSilphRoad has been reporting sightings for different Pokemon on their website since the beggining of Pokemon GO, which now months after redditors such as valuequest have been discussing the loop between the spawns of Lapras and Snorlax. 

So far I’ve noticed from spawn reports how Lapras seems to spawn near cities next to large bodies of water. If you take a look at these images below you can see how Lapras spawns are compared to Snorlax.





As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can clearly notice how Lapras spawns more often near large bodies of water. Mostly near the costs of states such as Florida or New York, with minimal spawns in the center and south west states of America who’ve seen less spawns of Lapras according to the research of TheSilphRoad.

If you’ve caught a Lapras near these spawn points above then please tweet me at @UchihaKoji so I can further report on this article about it.

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