Why every single website reporting Pokemon GO has lost billions is BS!

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Why every single website reporting Pokemon GO has lost billions is BS!

This article is a rant about the recent quota on Pokemon GO losing 79% of their active player base, which the same bulls**t website (Forbes) reported that the game lost “billions”.

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Over the past week a majority of blog sites released false information claiming Pokemon GO has lost 79% of their active fan base, which is completely inaccurate. Each website has share the same graphs over and over comparing Pokemon GO’s success to Non Augmented Reality games, which you cannot do because it’s a different market. Games like Candy Crush simply cannot compare success with a Category such as an Augmented Reality game.

Here’s a video by our Analyst: Graduate Student Ej Johnson

The closest market you could consider as a comparison to Pokemon GO would be the MMO market, games like Warcraft, Runescape, ect would make more sense due to it being live interaction however this still cannot translate to an AR game.

When considering a game is dying before it’s completely released, you have to take a second and think for yourself; Didn’t this game just make $500 Million in 2 months? So you mean to tell me $500 Million dollars is dying? This game has made more then most recent blockbusters have in these past two months. The game is still in rollout mode, as it’s still being released in certain areas. You may see your casual person say well i’m getting bored, well that guy doesn’t speak for the rest of us.

This game will continue to break records, and generate more revenue as the game releases more updates over the next year. If you would like to say the hype died down a bit, well that’s a more reasonable opinion but where in the hell is Sensor Tower getting a statement saying Pokemon GO lost 79% of their player based? and how would they know this without being at Niantic Labs base? John Hanke himself commented on this in a recent interview assuring players that these rumors are complete lies. Even if players are becoming more occupied it’s due to school starting up and winter coming around the corner. 

So it should be noted that billions, in plural, suggests more than 2 billion dollars and to assert such a profit margin, given this game was record breaking at $500 million is subjectivity; for websites to argue this aforementioned point with long-term profits, he compares a tiny, failed non-AR game such as Fallout Shelter with a record-setting AR game (an entirely different category).

This is not a valid comparison as I’ve mentioned before: You cannot compare a non augmented reality game with a full fledged AR game.

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