Fun rides that go slow enough for you to collect candies and hatch eggs.

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Fun rides that go slow enough for you to collect candies and hatch eggs.

Looking to spice up your game play? I’ve came up with 3 options that will give your game play a huge boost in fun.

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When it comes down to having fun in a game you play everyday, sometimes you need to try different ways to experience it. As Pokemon GO isn’t just a game where you sit in your house all day, the point of the game is to go outside and experience life while having fun. Tons of trainers use programs to help them stay inside without having to walk and that’s just pure laziness.

Cruises/Ferry rides

Disclaimer:I personally have never been on a cruise before due to just not having enough money, however I’ve compiled information from other Pokemon GO players who’ve had the chance to report on it. 

When riding on a cruise it completely depends on the speed of the ship, in most cases the ship never tops 30MPH. Which the game only allows you to travel under 20-30 mph to collect data anyways. So when you ride these Cruises you’ll notice that you can collect candies and even hatch eggs during the ride. Now most cruises from what I’ve seen stop at random ports which don’t require you to get off, at the ports most of the time there is a Poke Stop so you’ll be able to hit some free xp and items from that alone. 

The most important factor of the cruise ride is the scenery and experience you receive while on the ship, you can just picture yourself as Red from the GBA games/manga on S.S Anne.

Trolley Ride

Most trolley rides take you around a certain area that covers historical features of the city, or landmarks which makes it perfect for stopping at Poke Stops while sight seeing. Most trolleys are cheap, move slow and can even give opportunity to get some candies and egg distance going.  Which I’ve experienced this first hand, however I had to share one of my twitter followers experience with you.


A Follower on my twitter account who goes by the gamer tag of SteelRodJohnson reported his trolley ride to me recently. Showing me his opportunity to finish a complete gym battle and even place a defender while being on the trolley. At the time of this situation the trolley was circling around the block of the gym and allowed him to have a full on battle with it. (He supplied tons of pictures, for the sake of the articles length, I shared one of him and his buddy on the trolley)

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are usually filled with Poke Stops similar to Zoos. These Amusement parks are filled with fun rides right next to Poke Stops so if you want to have the most fun collecting Pokemon and XP then this is your best choice. I’ve personally seen places like Disney Land be covered with over 15-20 Poke Stops in the park alone. 


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