List of Pokemon Go BUG FIXES and NEW BUGS In New Update 0.39.0

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New Pokemon Go Update 0.39.0 New Bugs And Bug Fixes

List of Pokemon Go BUG FIXES and NEW BUGS In New Update 0.39.0

Earlier today Pokemon Go had an update and surprisingly a lot of Bugs were fixed and the game is much better now, but there were few more bugs that were reported after the new update.

Here is a list of bugs that were fixed.

  • Scaling Bug
  • Pokemon Power Up – Sort By CP Bug
  • Individual Attack Bug

Those were the bugs that were fixed, also there are few new bugs that has appeared after the update which are below.

  • Invisible Pokemon – 3D rending for Pokemon seems to be not working [iOS]


  • Possibly a new bug?


For now that’s it. Are you facing any new bugs as well? Leave comments below.

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