Exactly how strong was Neji?

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Neji Hyuga. The prodigy son of Hizashi Hyuga to the side branch family of the Hyuga clan, cousin to Hinata, the first daughter on the main branch of the Clan.
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Since part 1 of Naruto, Neji was foreshadowed to be if not, the strongest amongst the Konoha’s Genin at the time. Neji and his team weren’t considered Rookies or a part of the original Konoha 11 because Guy sense held them back for a year to train and not participate in the Chuunin exams. Guy, wanted his students to compete alongside his rival, Kakashi, and the rest of his squad.

The first time someone ever spoke of his power, was Episode 22, titled “Chunin Challenge : Rock Lee vs Sasuke.” After Rock Lee and Sasuke’s fight was interrupted when Guy showed up,  Lee told Sasuke that his team member Neji was the strongest one at the Chunin exams, instead of himself. He didn’t flat out say it was Neji, but it was foreshadowed.
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The next time Neji’s power is brought up is during the pre-qualifying match during the 3rd portion of the exams whenever Neji had to fight his cousin, Hinata. This is where we get the first backstory as well as the power of the Byakugan and how powerful it is against an opponent. Towards the end of the match when Hinata knew she couldn’t take any more damage, Neji became furious and went in to kill her. The proctor as well as the other Jonin had to step in just to stop him from doing so. A total of 4 Jonin, Bruh. This tells us many things. Neji was definitely at a point stronger than a Genin during the exams for his age.
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After the pre-qualifying matches were over. It came time for his fight against Naruto in the finals. Since we saw the episodes from Naruto’s perspective, he was warned multiple times about how powerful Neji was before it came time for the fight. Neji’s power is showcased again whenever he is able to take down multiple clones by Naruto. It is then again we see something great when we learn that Neji knows the rotation jutsu. At first we don’t think it’s much, but when we get the backstory of how that jutsu is only known to be capable from people of he main branch of the family, that shows that Neji really is a prodigy if he’s able to keep up and produce that power.

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The same goes for the 8 Trigrams 64 palms technique. When we start to get the perspective from Hinata’s sister and father watching In the stands and commentating, we only hear them talking about how strong and how keen his Byakugan is for his age. Lord Hiashi ( Hinata’s father) even tells Hanabi ( Hinata’s sister) to pay attention to Neji closely because his Byakugan is strong. The fight ends with Neji being able to keep up with the nine tails chakra that Naruto emits! Now that to me is impressive. Even though Naruto was JUST starting to get a control for it, Neji was still able to counter it with his rotation jutsu.

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