Players Are Reporting Rare Spawns Changing And Increase In Rare Pokemon

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Players Are Reporting Rare Spawns Changing And Increase In Rare Pokemon

A bunch of redditors have noticed some of their spawns have changed into rare spawns such as Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Dragonite and Snorlax.


Now please note these are highly reacted to reports, which is why i’m bringing this to our fans attention, this could be the start of the next nest migration or this could just be rare spawns coming at a higher percentage than before.

The only way we’ll ever be able to pin point exactly when the nest migration starts is by bringing it to your attention. It’s been around 2 days since we’ve been expecting this migration however we’ve not seen it come just yet.

What players have been reporting is not their nests completely migrating, but new Pokemon spawning in their areas. There has been an increase of reports on both Snorlax and Dragonite over the past week on reddit, players have also spotted an increase of already evolved Pokemon in their areas as’well. We’ll need more data from the community to prove this is actually 100%.

If you would like to see more player responses on this matter, which is the only reason why i’m bringing this up, then please check the original reddit topic by theplayingdead and read the comment section for confirmation on these reports.

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Have you experienced a nest change or noticed an increase of rare Pokemon spawning near your training areas? Then please tweet me at @UchihaKoji so we can continue to collect data and pinpoint this Pokemon Nest Migration so we can report exactly when it drops for everyone!

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