Pokemon Go Plus Review (Not Satisfying..? )

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As the news all around the media is about the hype of Pokemon GO Plus and Pokemon Go integration with Apple Watches, here we are to review the experience of us using Pokemon Go Plus and Is pokemon go plus all worth about its hype…?

We’ll be discussing both the pro’s and con’s of the device and also recommend you is it wprth all the pennies or not…..we’ll begin with con’s of the device.
The Bad News Is :-
Catching Pokemon with the device seems like a very tough prospect. The peripheral is supposed to buzz/flash when a Pokemon is nearby, and you will throw balls at it by pressing buttons on the gadget. Different color lights indicate whether you’ve succeeded or failed in catching the Pokemon, and players are discovering that the failure rate is almost comically high.

Fans were already upset that the Plus accessory doesn’t let you catch anything not in your Pokedex already, so you will still have to rely on your phone for that. But the hope was that at least you could use it to scoop up XP, candy and Stardust on the fly.

These early reports from reddit suggest , the common theme is that many, many Pokemon are fleeing constantly when the Plus device is used to catch them. From what I’m seeing, it’s only about a 25-30% success rate for catching Pokemon, among the users that are reporting in. Constant fleeing is par for the course, meaning that using this as a consistent source of duplicate Pokemon may not be in the cards, and you’d be better off trying to catch things manually.

One aspect of this problem is that the Pokemon GO Plus device doesn’t let you use Great or Ultra Balls, nor pacify Pokemon with berries. And as higher-level players know, throwing regular Pokeballs at higher CP wild Pokemon is a recipe for failure. But even considering that, the flee rate does seem abnormally high.

And The Good News Is:-
Early reporting indicates that Pokemon GO Plus actually tracks distance when the app is in the background or your phone is locked. That means for the first time ever, you can actually get egg distance, and now buddy distance, without having the game open on your screen.

The original thought was that the Plus would not have this functionality, as some of the official descriptions said that outright. But from players who have the device, they believe that yes, it is pairing with your phone’s GPS to track your distance, even when the game is not actively onscreen. That is a big deal for many players, and a huge battery saver too.

So when Niantic was ask it. This is what they said in reply: “Even while Pokemon GO is operating in the background, the walking distance needed to hatch eggs or get candies is reflected.”

This statement would seem to confirm the reporting, but it’s still a bit unclear for anyone’s taste. The wording almost indicates that this is supposed to be something that happens without the peripheral, which we know isn’t true. And still don’t know if “operating in the background” is the same as your phone being locked and in your pocket. Pokemon GO has never tracked distance while in the background or with a locked phone, and I’m not sure what about Plus would change that.Still, a face reading of this seems to indicate that yes, maybe the Plus really does track this stuff even with locked phone

If Pokemon GO Plus can track distance with a locked phone, that is one of the most significant developments for the game to date. I still want triple and quadruple confirmation that this is the case, as I still don’t understand the technical side of this, but early reports are promising on this front.

It’s weird that suddenly the Plus might be going from “Pokemon collector” to “egg/buddy walker,” considering fans thought it would be the opposite. But for many, it won’t even be a consideration, because with pre-orders sold out and GO still massively popular, it may be tough to find one at launch.

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