Pokemon Conspiracy Theory That Will Ruin Your Childhood


Ash Is In A Coma

To explain why Ash ages very, very little over the course of the Pokemon series, some fans have come up with a theory – that Ash was struck by lightning in the second episode, and went into a coma. The series after this traumatic event follow Ash’s comatose dreams as he continues to live in a world where he is a Pokemon master. Not only would the theory explain why Ash ages so slowly, but it would also explain many of the major events within the series. Fans who follow this conspiracy believe that everyone he meets on his journey to become a Pokemon master represent parts of Ash that he must overcome before he can finally wake up.


Team Rocket represents the evil in Ash, Pikachu represents Ash’s humanity, Brock represents Ash’s repressed sexuality, and every Pokemon on Ash’s team represents an issue he must battle. A side theory for the origin of Mewtwo is that Mewtwo could represent the electric impulse treatment the doctors are using in an attempt to bring Ash out of his coma.

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