Don’t transfer your commons before you read this article!


Hello fellow Pokemon Trainers! Today I’m gonna show you how to put all those Pidgeys, Rattatas, Parases and Venomoths to a good use! Even if you’re brand new to the game, or you already call yourself a veteran, you still want to know this!

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Although they don’t stand a chance against most of the rare pokemon, you can still evolve your commons into very good counterpicks against popular gym defenders. They spawn literally everywhere, so you should have no problem collecting candies in order to evolve them and further power up. Warning! You might want to evolve a single species few times in order to get an exact moveset required to make this whole guide work.

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1. Pidgeot
The Big Bird can pack a serious punch. I mean it. It’s currently one of the strongest flying types in Pokemon GO and it’s EXTREMELY easy to acquire it. There is no big philosophy here: Pidgeot can easily beat any grass type pokemon like Victreebell or an Venusaur. The desired moveset for your Pidgeot is Wing Attack + Hurricane.

2. Raticate
Raticate has some pretty good dps, even at lower CP. It deals ton of damage and you can dodge easily with him, to avoid taking a serious beating.

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