Boruto next Generations chapter 5 released!


Boruto next generations continues with Kinshiki and Momoshiki making their grand entrance during the chuunin exams. Well it was not that much detailed as the entire chapter only focused on the invasion by these two Otsotsuki’s. So what happened simply was that these guys attacked Konoha and after Naruto and Sasuke regrouped for counter attack then this chapter ended. So possibly in the next chapter the fight against these two could be concluded and the new storyline to set Boruto aside from the movie will begin.


Well Naruto disappointed in Boruto he takes his headband from him, telling him that he is not qualified to be a ninja. It was just a moment between the father and the son and finally the plans behind this Ninja tool has been revealed. This is also just a recap from the movie.


As the previous chapter ended with the two foreign bodies aiming for Naruto and saying that they where coming for him, it is about time they reveale themselves. So Momoshiki appeared from nowhere to just behind Naruto, so a creepy moment arrives and shocked, Boruto just pointed behind his father. Well lets continue this interesting invasion on the pages to follow.

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