What Shiny Pokemon ‘Could’ Look like!


What Shiny Pokemon ‘Could’ Look like!


For certain there are no Shiny Pokemon currently in Pokemon GO, however we have spotted a few fan made theories on how this could take place.

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Tons of new features are on the way, and Shiny Pokemon may be one of them in the future as they’ve played a big part in the anime series such as the infamous Red Gyarados from the Lake of Rage in the Johto series. 

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Tons of trainers have photoshopped images and shared them with the internet as fanfiction in order to keep some excitement going, below I’ve shared those few images of what some Shiny Pokemon could look like in the future.

All images are from google, besides Shiny Growlithe which you can find here

Here you can see what a Shiny Growlithe could look like.


Here you can see what a Shiny Charizard could look like


Here’s what a Shiny Pinsir could look like


Which Shiny Pokemon would you like to see in the game? Let us know in the comment section or personally tweet me your favorite on my twitter handle which you can find below!

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