Amazing Pokemon Go Strategies

these pokemon go maps will lead you straight to the rarest of pokemon

Today we’ll be seeing a well know type of strategy that’s also know by name BubbleStrat.

What is Bubble Strategies ?
It is a wonderfully optimized gym and trainer power leveling strategy that is capable of:
Maxing a gym to level 10 in less than 10 minutes.
Earning 1.5 million XP per day with minimum use of Potions or Revives.
Making it impossible to wear down a gym, no matter the attackers, when actively training it.

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This amazing strategy was show to world by pokemon go-gamepress and Reddit user.

All Bubblestrat match-ups must satisfy the following 3 conditions:

  1. Resource-free: the attacker must win before the defender’s first attack hits. This means that no Potions or Revives are required.
  2. 500+ prestige gain: the attacker’s CP must be equal to or lower than the defender’s CP. The most ideal Bubblestrat match-ups gain 1000 prestige per fight.
  3. Reliable: the match-up should have a high chance of success.

Bubblestrat attackers and defenders are usually caught at level 1, then powered up or evolved to the specifications listed in our tables.For  defender should be caught at level 1, with 10 HP, and have a long duration quick move such as Bubble, Confusion, Razor Leaf, Mud Slap, Ice Shard, Rock Throw, Quick Attack, or Splash.

While hunting for your Bubblestrat defender, you should also look out for attacker candidates. The attacker should be caught at level 1, with 10 CP.  It needs to be able to do at least 20 damage to the defender in under 3 seconds. This usually requires a fast quick move with STAB and type advantages.

Whether a particular attacker vs. defender match-up works can also depend on their IVs. The only way to find out whether your particular combination has the right IVs is to field test your Bubblestrat defender with the catalog of attackers listed below until one of them works!

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