Coolest Trick For Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go trading feature

Pokemon Go is still the highest rated mobile game now, even though the initial excitement that surrounded this unexpected phenomenon seems to be fading. Niantic is working on some new features for Pokemon Go, but also some amazing tricks for players. The company may not be part of Google anymore, but Niantic and Google Maps partnered to offer players a handy new feature.

Google Maps will now let you update your activity in the Timeline feature. Users can select “catching Pokemon,” which means they’re playing the game on their phones. The new Google Maps feature was initially discovered by Reddit user GoldLeader272. What you have to do to access it is to go to “Your timeline” inside the app, tap on the travel icon and edit it to “catching Pokemon,” Android Police reports. There’s really nothing exciting Pokemon-related going on inside Google Maps aside from that. So don’t expect Google Maps to help you catch Pokemon, or tell you where they’ll appear next. xP


Niantic, meanwhile, will be rolling out a new Pokemon Go update in the future, which should include support for trading Pokemon and a new buddy system. The company will hopefully fix its Pokemon tracking feature as well, although it’s not clear when this would happen.

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