Physical Inactivity Solved By Pokemon Go

Ash Snorlax Mega Kick

Suddenly, out of nowhere, one company releases a game apparently catering to children and accidentally creates a physical activity revolution. Its really quite remarkable, that Pokemon Go made such a big change in this society

I’ll be first to admit that Pokemon Go is far from a panacea for our collective inactivity, but this technology promises much potential in this regard for a large section of the population. For instance, I have a number of close male friends who actively play first-person shooting games (E.g. Call of Duty, Medal of Honour, etc.) on their Playstation. Imagine the next iteration of these more adult-themed games utilizes augmented reality, forcing gamers outside to simulate war scenarios? A less disturbing scenario could involve treasure-hunt or mystery games.

I look forward to literature examining the impact of Pokemon Go on players’ physical activity levels, or other health markers. Selfishly, I also eagerly await more adult-appropriate games using this technology, also there have been countless reports of typical couch potatoes who were going for regular walks outside and making new friends all because they wanted to play Pokemon Go

Keep in mind that academics and health professionals have been trying for years to motivate average people, especially kids, to ditch their TV or game console in favour of some physical activity. For the most part these efforts have been unsuccessful, with most data indicating we’re only getting lazier as a society with time.

So this way Pokemon did bring all the lazy folks around the town to come on street and made all of em walk around their own city….also solved Physical inactivity.Thats all for today.Stick with us for all latest news of pokemon go and other anime seasons too.Like our facebook page, and if you are a youtuber or some fan looking for a platform for marketing….feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] will get to you in no time and have a discussion over.Also if you are a tech addict and want to write about your favorite technology that can be any thing gadgets, app review, computer hardware/software review etc. write your request to us at [email protected]

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