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During this Pokemon GO craze it’s sparked my interest in re-watching the Pokemon Series, starting all the way from the very first season. I’m not going to lie when i tell you, i’m not a guy who hates spoilers however i have obviously heard of this story from our lovely GBA games so you won’t be surprised as you read that this story is going to be about our lovely Marowak in Lavender Town. Please let me know in the comments if you’d like to read about more Pokemon stories from the original series.




To start off Marowak is a small Pokemon that wears the skull of it’s dead mother as a helmet, it is also a very lonely Pokemon that survives using it’s skill of the bone it carries being evolved from a Cubone, once evolved the skull of it’s mother becomes a part of it’s body as it cannot be removed.


The story deprives from an appearance in Pokemon Red/Yellow/Blue as a ghost in Lavender town. The Pokemon cannot be caught unless the player cheated and used GameShark.


The Marowak in this story is killed by a Team Rocket member forcing it’s child Cubone to be an Orphan. Later on in the story our Poke Trainer finds his way to Lavender town’s grave yard, The Pokemon Tower. As you explore this tower the mother of this Cubone appears for a moment telling you to get out and leave the tower. In the animated series, we get to see a lovely reunion of our beloved Cubone & Marowak.


Since that version has come about, it has been animated in a recent Pokemon series called Pokemon Origins if you would like to watch it the video is right below, all credits to The Pokemon Company as we do not own this Episode.


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