Our experience at OtakuKart (about myself and 2 interviews)


Ohayo, minna-san. THANK YOU FOR THE 100k LIKES!!! My name is Florin but most of you know me as The Yellow Flash. As you can see from the name, I’m a Naruto fan (more like Minato fan). I specialize in Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach and Hunter x Hunter but I have watched a lot of anime and I have a general knowledge about them so I can write about pretty much everything. I’m 20 years old and I am studying Mechanical Engineering in Denmark. In my free time I watch anime, read manga, play games and do sports. I have joined Otakukart in the beginning of February so you could say that I’m one of the older authors. Right now I am in charge of the new author applications and I am assisted by The Fledging Phoenix. He is also in charge of training the new recruits. Now I suppose I will tell you a bit about how I joined Otakukart and how I write an article.

Probably like most of you, I’ve found Otakukart on facebook (News feed). I’ve read their posts for a while then one day I’ve suddenly decided I want to join. I saw that they are still developing and I knew I can make a difference and help them grow. I applied, got accepted and the rest is history (Kappa)

I know I haven’t written too many articles lately (exams and stuff) but I have a basic procedure. First comes choosing a topic. I either take one (or more) of the fan’s requests or discuss with Sohel if there’s something I should write about. Occasionally, I just write about something I want. After having a topic I start doing research. This usually takes me around a day, I prefer quality over quantity. After doing the research, I write down the bullet points for each part of the article and choose appropriate pictures. Obviously, the next part is writing and the article gets a final rough version. It usually takes me 2 days to get to this version. On the third day, I spellcheck, take a look at the grammar etc. Note: I do this on a Word document on my personal laptop. After checking the article, it’s time to put it on WordPress and make the necessary adjustments such as title, page breaks, tags etc. I quickly go through it again to make sure everything is okay then I publish it. Note: Everyone has their own way of writing an article, the result is all that matters.

Working with OtakuKart is really fun. We have a facebook group where Sohel posts the requests, a group chat where we discuss pretty much everything and the facebook page where we interact with our followers. When I joined I didn’t know how to use WordPress but I was taught and now I am able to help the newer authors if they have problems with it. It was easier to use than I expected. Everyone (or every active author) is really nice, friendly and helpful and I really like to talk to them.

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