Indra and Ashura, Naruto Shippuden 465 Review

Indra awakens Sharingaaan


Indra, the forefather of all Uchiha and the founder of Ninjutsu, after his father, the sage of six paths was the second one to show the abilities of the power that lies within the eyes. What is more interesting is how zetsu managed to know how the power is awakened, since zetsu was born during Kaguya’s Battle with her sons.

Well these episodes might appear boring but they are the ones that add sense to the plot, as that is where everything began, Indra and Asura, Madara and Hashirama, Naruto and Sasuke. To look at this week’s episode, much about Indra and Ashura is explained


Well their relationship resembles that of Naruto and Sasuke, the genius Indra and the dumber Ashura. As the prodigy Indra quickly noticed when a fish disguised itself as a log and he undid whatever the Jutsu or technique was, I guess the fish could also use Ninshu xD.


Indra displays his proficiency at Ninjutsu, where he could perform most Ninjutsu with ease, on the other hand Ashura was struggling, another characteristic that was also present on the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke

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