Top 10 Hidden Water (Kirigakure) Jutsu by Rank

Kirigakure Jutsu list

Hidden Kirigakure all jutsu

Hidden water village (Kirigakure), is also one of the great villages in Naruto and produce mostly extra ordinary jutsu, being surrounded mostly by water most jutsu from this Village circulate around water as the basis of most of the techniques, though here the list wont include kekkei genkai like haku’s crystal release since such are limited to an individual or a clan and the likes of hidden jutsu are what are practiced within villages.

The anime didn’t explore much on this hidden village even though it was part of one of the five great nations, compared to Amegakure which was just an ordinary hidden village, this one was not much explored, now let us start with our top jutsu count down.

10.Water whip

Water whip technique
The water whip technique

This Jutsu is practice amongst the kirigakure Anbu, known as the hunter nin, it is also one of the Jutsu that was mot often seen in the series, the user creates a very tight rope out of their water natured chakra, it was tight enough to even bind a Jinchuriki and break Yamato’s wood release

9.Hiding in mist technique

kirigakure jutsu
Hiding in mist technique

The signature Jutsu of the hidden water village, as it is usually used to hide the user and Zabuza was proficient at it combining it with his stealth kill technique.

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