The Akatsuki – From Weakest To Strongest And Why

The Akatsukistrongest

The Akatsuki have always given me chills. Here’s a list of Akatsuki members weakest to strongest!

10. Zetsu 


Zetsu as a whole was mostly utilized as a spy and to record fights and gauge the strengths and weaknesses of opponents. White Zetsu was able to be cloned and used as a large military force but as one entity he wasn’t able to do much as far as combat is concerned.

9. Hidan 


Weird that the actual immortal would be so low on the list right? Well yes Hidan is immortal, but he is also the least intelligent member of the Akatsuki making him somewhat of a liability. Asuma, Shikamaru, Izumo and Kotetsu were able to cut his head off without knowing anything about his powers going into it. He can be dispatched rather easily despite not being able to die.

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