10 Fastest Anime Character Ever

Fastest Anime Characters Ever

Note that I have taken 1 character from each anime, if i forgot any do mention it in the comments below! So here we start the list of 10 Fastest Anime Character Ever

10. Nice – Hamatora

Fastest Anime Characters Ever
His power is seeing sound and he can use it to travel within sound, which makes him as fast as the speed of sound or Mach 1 (340,29 m/s or 1234.8 Km/h).

9. Meruem – Hunter x Hunter


Fastest Anime Character

Meruem easily managed to dodge Netero’s punches in his fight. Netero’s punches are launched with the speed of sound. So we assume his speed is greater than Mach 1.
But I’m still confused in Cheetu, Meruem or Kilua.

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