Dragon Ball Super Episode 41: The Most Powerful Character Ever


Dragon Ball Super Episode 41: The Most Powerful Character Ever

Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 literally took Dragon Ball to new heights. The episode introduces us with the most powerful character of Dragon Ball till now the god of everything, the omni-king, Zeno sama. Also it includes the summoning of the Super Shenlong. And Beerus sama finally makes his wish to the Dragon.

The episode was extremely interesting and satisfying. In this episode we got to know how powerful Zeno sama truly is, we saw the Dragon God, came to know about the wish and a got clues to possible future plots. And the episode looks like as such that it was created to reply all the haters who have a hard time accepting the powers of the characters of Dragon Ball Universe.


Let’s just begin with the Omni-king Zeno sama. So if you have been wondering how powerful Zeno sama is. Beeerus explicitly mentioned that the omni-king can wipe out all 12 from existence in the blink of an eye if he feels like it.

So there you go haters! Say goodbye to your ‘No Dragon Ball Character Is Universal Level’ statement and now whop it right up your ignorant ass. Because now the dragon ball universe have Zeno sama who can completely destroy 12 universes! 12 Universes! Effortlessly and instantly! Beerus’s explanation of Zeno’s power is certainly accurate. Otherwise Whis, Vados or the Kaio-shins would have corrected it.


However, here’s one more interesting thing for me. Yesterday I predicted in my episode 41 preview that Zeno sama came here because it goes against the godly rules to arrange some tournament ( since it will hamper their original job ) like this however he might also react positively to the tournament and might end up being the path to a 12 universal tournament.

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