Naruto shippuuden 454 Review


Good day everyone, first i would like to apologise for missing last week’s review, been tied up here and there you know.

Well this serves to continue shinden as  today we finally witness itachi and shisui first teamwork as they are training together and itachi gets to use his sharingaan for the first time in battle. Well let’s see what these Uchiha’s are made of…


Itachi just awakened his sharingaan and as a prodigy is getting much attention from the village and the clan. Hence shisui has a request

Untitled 1

Its some sort of training but itachi reffered to it as a mission, at the training grounds, there they demonstrated and polished each other tracking skills
Untitled 2

Shisui as we know him he wanted to test something on itachi as he has long noticed before that itachi is exceptional. And well they where in for a surprise as they heard some fightings nearby

Untitled 3

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